Youth Ministry Lab April 7-8 2017

Breakout Sessions

Student Praise Band and Music Conference

For all teenagers and adults who desire to use music for kingdom purposes. All five sessions feature instruction and interaction with world-class musicians and worship leaders.




7:45 PM — Leo Day: "Platform Leadership for the Music Leader"

This will be an interactive time which seeks to address all aspects of a worship leader’s platform ministry and artistry, including public speaking, Scripture reading, musical cues, platform transitions, general leadership tips, platform dress code and philosophy. Practical experience is gained through participation in which students will practice platform leadership artistry before their peers. 

9:00 PM — Scott Aniol: "Worship Songs! Old and New!"

This session will talk about how to evaluate the theology, music, and performance of worship songs, looking at some of the most popular songs in use today as well as some ancient hymns you may have never heard. Come ready to sing, think, discuss, and be equipped to choose the best worship songs with firm theological foundations for your services.



11:00 AM — Ben Caston: "Leading Worship with Skillful Singing"

Explore singing in an interactive learning environment. Learn the basics of vocal technique. Apply your skillset while singing your favorite worship music. You no longer have to wonder about the sounds that will come out of your mouth, you can know.

1:15 PM — David Toledo: "Tools for Planning Today's Worship Service"

Engage in worship planning and performance, on the spot. Expect to browse sample models of good worship services.  Explore elements which comprise a poor worship service. Compile a list of ready resources that help build a great worship experience: song and video options, link scripture readings to songs and sermon texts, and much more.

2:30 PM — Nathan Burggraff: "From Sight to Sound: Music Theory that Enhances Music Making"

Are you afraid of Music Theory? What in the world is sight-reading a piece of music? What is the relationship between lead sheet realization, lead sheet notation and Roman numeral analysis? What is the simplest way to harmonize that melody you have written? Nathan Burggraff will debunk all myths that Music Theory is unapproachable by answering all of these questions and more.